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Here at the Smoking Room we offer you an opportunity to join our exclusive members community. 

With a membership Here is what you get:


  • You will have early access to a wide selection of premium cigars from around the world, including limited editions and special releases.

  • You will have the option to store your personal cigar collection in a personal humidor within the lounge, ensuring that your cigars are kept in perfect condition and ready to smoke whenever you desire.

  • You will receive discounts on cigars and other products sold by the lounge. 

  •  We also provide huge discounts to members who want to host private events. 


Overall, a Smoking Room membership is an investment in your enjoyment and relaxation. You will have access to a luxurious and exclusive environment where you can indulge in your passion for cigars and socialize with like-minded individuals. We would be delighted to welcome you as a member of our community and invite you to experience all the benefits of membership for yourself.

Please contact us to learn more.

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